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Marion CPR offers BLS, ACLS and CPR classes in Ocala Florida. We provide healthcare professionals with American Heart Association BLS and ACLS certifications and re-certifications. Our CPR Class, Basic Life support class and advanced cardiac life support courses follow the latest guidelines set by the American Heart Association. Additional AHA courses offered at Marion CPR include HeartSaver CPR, AED and First Aid training. Marion CPR proudly helps the Ocala community learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation by offering classes in our office or yours. Earn a CPR card for yourself or with a group of your peers. Discounts given to groups and businesses needing CPR training or BLS Certification.

CPR and AED Class
CPR Classes

Our CPR classes in Ocala Florida are designed to teach our community the life saving skills of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.  We believe CPR is important for everyone in Ocala to learn.  Get your CPR card today!

Basic Life Support Class
BLS Classes

The Basic Life Support certification course for healthcare providers in Ocala Florida provides the necessary American Heart Association approved certification for providers.  BLS Re-Certification is also available through this course.

CPR AED and First Aid
CPR Combo

The HeartSaver CPR, AED and First Aid class is two courses in one.  The course is recommended for those needing CPR certification as well as First Aid Certification.  This combo course is offered at a discounted rate.

ACLS certification ocala florida
ACLS Classes

The American Heart Association ACLS Provider classes are designed to expand upon the skills learned in the Basic Life Support class.  The ACLS Provider course is intended for medical professionals or those who require ACLS Certification.

We offer CPR classes for Gyms, Restaurants and other Ocala Businesses!


  • CPR Course
  • BLS Certification
    • BLS Certification
    • BLS Re-Certification
    • AHA Course
    • $35

  • ACLS Certification
    • ACLS Certification
    • ACLS Re-Certification
    • AHA Course
    • $110

  • CPR AED and First Aid
    • CPR AED & First Aid Certification
    • Manual Included
    • AHA Course
    • $65

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We offer discounts on Group CPR Classes in Ocala!